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dc.contributor.authorLeón, Mariana
dc.identifier.citationLeón Smith, M. (2020). Transformational Leadership in Higher Education in Panama. Latitude, 2(13), 38–75.
dc.description.abstractThis article reviews the literature on transformational leadership, applies it to the unique context of higher education, and elaborates on an educational intervention in transformational leadership to faculty supervisors at higher education institutions in Panama. A mixed methods study evaluated the impact of the intervention on the perspectives and attitudes of the participants. The results demonstrate that the profesional development program was effective in generating reflections among faculty supervisors that reflected a deep understanding of the importance of transformational leadership as a tool to influence faculty and potentially generate higher levels of faculty engagement.en_US
dc.publisherRevista Latitude QLUen_US
dc.subjecttransformational leadership, higher education, Panama, professional development, faculty, faculty supervisoren_US
dc.titleTransformational Leadership in Higher Education in Panamaen_US

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